School improvement and support services are grouped into 3 types on a sliding scale of cost starting at between £450 to £550 per day excluding preparation VAT, time, training and resources, Notes of Visit/ Reports ( travel, subsistence and incidental expenses are extra):

Core Offer

  • School improvement and support services available to all schools
  • Additional and targeted support for schools agreed through either categorization or on a needs basis.

Service Offer

  • Service Level Agreements can be provided at a negotiated rate – T&L, Governance, Coaching, Subject Reviews, Project Management, Leadership Development
  • CPD and training programmes
Note: Service means all programmes that are not part of the CORE offer and can be tailor-made for each school.

Core and Service Offer 

We offer the following support in 3 levels of packages: Bronze introductory package (5 days)Silver consolidation package (10 days) or Gold extension package (15 days)

  • School Improvement Adviser/Associate with allocation of a minimum of 3 days per school over the year CORE 
  • Key Phases/ Subject Areas /Departmental /School pre and post Ofsted ‘ health checks’ CORE
  • Headteacher Performance Management
  • School Self-evaluation reviewS of key areas (Pre and Post Ofsted) CORE 
  • Support for Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher appointments Service Offer 
  • Support for Change management and Succession Planning  programmes CORE 
  • Capacity building with leadership teams CORE 
  • Staff coaching ( through the Teaching Lead Coaches programme) CORE
  • Leadership Team Building – all levels CORE
  • Strategic development of ICT Service Offer
  • Induction for new subject/phase/aspect leaders – all subjects Service Offer
  • School based CPD conferences/residential and INSET days CORE and Service Offer
  • Advice and training to School Governors (provided through a separate Governor Services Service Level AgreementCORE

Download: Brochure (2303 KB)

* Required
Curriculum reviews and action planning (Core)
Resources and their management
Review of the physical environment (Core)
Innovative approaches to subject development
Developing a skills Based Curriculum (Core)
Teaching and learning reviews (Core)
Assessment (Core)
Effective use of data (Core)
Effective Interventions to secure improvement (Core)
Innovation in teaching and learning
Professional development networks
Raising the quality of teaching (Core)
Moving to outstanding (Core)
Audit and validation of leadership effectiveness
Build and sustain leadership and management capacity
Support and advise governors on leadership development (Core)
Strategic school improvement policy and practice development
Facilitating local collaborative leadership development
Coaching and Mentoring (Core)
Health and well-being
Behaviour and attendance (Core)
Partnership working across confederations and networks
Special Educational Needs (Core)
Learner voice and student advocacy
Safeguarding (Core)
Recruitment (Core)
Performance Management
Support and Challenge
Professional Development (Core)
Training (Core)
Project Management
Capital Project leadership Support
Design Consultancy (Core)
Market Research
Strategic ICT development planning (Core)
Teaching and Learning ICT
Use of ICT resources and technologies (Core)
Information management and ICT
Effective use of data to support self-evaluation (Core)

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