RHINOSS CONSULTANCY brings over 15 years of proven expertise in School Improvement Solutions to its dynamic, bespoke programmes for all educational settings.

Highly experienced in all areas – from Ofsted Inspections, current and former Headteachers helping with schools, through to Senior Local Authority Improvement Advice – our dedicated consultants offer unrivalled support to key educational partners for devising School Improvement Models to raise pupil attainment and achievements, we are utterly committed to offering you a service which is world-class, personalised – and cost-effective.

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Through the 'Looking Class'

MAKING CONSISTENT JUDGEMENTS ABOUT TEACHING AND LEARNING - Joint 'Learning Walks' with Senior, Middle and Team Leaders Note: Also refer to Paul Burton’s article in www.linkedin.com How does a school remain Good under the School Inspection Handbook published May 2019;updated September 2019 in OfSTED’s eyes and no practitioner worth their salt wants to be judged as ‘requires improvement’. Rhinoss is proud to present a nationally renowned trainer with a reputation for delivering fun, challenging and informative presentations to define the features of good to outstanding lesson.


Holding the School to Account: '7 Steps to good or outstanding governance'

Governors should be exposed to leading edge, high quality, sustainable training to make certain that they provide effective support and challenge and this programme has been selected just for you.


Getting to Grips with the CIF and Ofsted School Inspection Handbook published May 2019;updated September 2019

The constant possibility of imminent inspection demands that your school is in a perpetual state of OfSTED readiness. Your duty to comply with OfSTED’s new School Inspection Handbook published May 2019;updated September 2019 for inspection means that now, more than ever, your school needs extra support to get the right results. Our interactive workshops delivered by practicing OfSTED inspectors do exactly that, offering support for key staff and governors….


Safe, Secure and Solid – Safeguarding ‘Learning Walks’

Child safeguarding in schools

How confident are you that the 4Ps are in place (Provision, Procedures, Practices, and Processes)?

Child safeguarding in schools

Are your 4Ps effective? Is there any divergence in practice or is everything compliant?

What risk assessment methods are in place? How comprehensive is your Single Central Record? Do any pupils fall through the safeguarding gap? How robust are your databases, Health and Safety measures, reporting to Governors, E-safety controls, methods for addressing Radicalisation, Prevent and use of Alternative Provision?

We offer a bespoke combination of a joint self-audit with an opportunity to have this process modelled over one or two s with an in-depth self-evaluation moderation carried out by one of our knowledgeable consultants.

Rhinoss offers the best way to raise your schools standard!

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QAP4 IMPACT by taking a L.E.A.P. with Rhinoss

Ensuring the quality and suitability of children and young people’s placements at all key stages in Alternative Provision (APs) through Local Evaluation Alternative Provision.

There is an obligation on local authorities as well as schools to regularly undertake Local Evaluation Alternative Provision (L.E.A.P )reviews. Pressures of time and having the right expertise to evaluate and asses the performance of Alternative Provision (AP) can be a tough challenge. In-depth reviews of APs are essential in the verification of their efficacy in the provision of the right kind of experience for young people; the provision of robust information on how well pupils are doing; ensuring secure safeguarding practice and foremost, simultaneously ensuring measurable outcomes of pupils and quality of learning.

Rhinoss has well over fifteen years’ wealth of understanding of all these key features.

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Educational Marketing Services

Rhinoss through its consultants and partner Harmson Studio offers schools and educational establishments a tailored one-stop-shop for all their marketing and design needs.

Whatever your needs, whether it is a full branding exercise or a new prospectus we are here to help.