O.A.Ps - An answer to refreshing your Learning Support Assistants and Teaching Assistants: A set of skills development tools: New for 2018

Are you developing your school workforce? Do your Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) and Teaching Assistants (TAs) have the right skill sets and feel confident in supporting all pupils in the classrooms? Can they accurately monitor and evaluate the learning and progress of the pupils they support? Do they regularly observe, record, check with and discuss with the teacher the progress of each pupil’s work to ensure that an expected standard of learning is happening?


By up-skilling this important workforce through an Outline Activities Programme (O.A.P), schools can ensure continuity of high quality provision. 


S.E.F. Help!
How informative, coherent and accessible is your Self-Evaluation Framework?

Are you portraying your school in favourable circumstances? Or are you ‘short-changing’ or even being apologetic by the way you’re underselling your strong achievements and addressing the challenges? Unintentionally devaluing your school is as flawed as ‘over-egging’ or inflating the view of how well you are doing. 

A strong, confident and assured School Self-evaluation Frame (SEF) is not just for one short Ofsted day but for the life of the school. What is needed is a regularly up-dated succinct, robust, and objective SEF. We can help you in the presentation of your ideas. 


Ofsted Revisited - Preparation CIF "Mocksted"

"Tales of the Unexpected" – Preparing to deal with sudden inspection issues. No, not a title for a new book on school self-evaluation but a more practical, ‘hands on’ pre-inspection training and review undertaken by a team of highly experienced inspectors and consultants who can provide a pre-inspection MOT for your school..

Pimp Your Data!

Just like they do in the TV programme ‘Pimp Your Ride’ involving a major renovation of someone’s beat-up old car back to a pristine personalised vehicle which is a ‘work of art’, fully functional and operating at peak performance - we can do the same with your data! How good is your pupil tracking data? How well has the introduction of AWOL (Assessment Without Levels) been embedded in your school? Does it help all staff to know whether your pupils or students are learning the right things, are challenged and productive?

We can help by giving your data a thorough ‘makeover’ and an overhaul by scrutinising and providing ways for you to enhance your pupil marking and assessment methods, improve data collection and improve presentation so the data then not only looks good but is fully functional.

Policy on a Page – Top of the Policies (TOTP)

Policies are statutory obligations that can be both useful as well as an obstacle in themselves. They sometimes tend to be over complex, over burdening and overlooked. If staff are not accessing or understanding the main messages there may be consequences that can be dire and catastrophic for the senior management of school if anything untoward should happen. ‘Ignorance of the law or statutory obligations is no excuse’. 

Rhinoss has created PoPs (Policy on a Page) as a unique way of presenting complex documents which are easily accessible.

3Ps: Personalised PowerPoint Presentations (PPs): Imaginative, Inspiring and Innovative

“Where did you get those great interactive slides? Mine are so boring, just full of words. Could you help me create mine in the same way?”

“Wow! The interactive graphics, visuals and clip art on your PPs are just tremendous.”

“I have the content but I don’t have the flair and skills.”

“I loved your slide presentation, so stimulating and captured my full attention.”

These are just a few of the overwhelming responses and reviews from when Paul Burton presents at workshops and conferences. Now we can help you!

Safe, Secure and Solid – Safeguarding ‘Learning Walks’

How confident are you that the 4Ps are in place (Provision, Procedures, Practices, and Processes)?

Are your 4Ps effective? Is there any divergence in practice or is everything compliant?

What risk assessment methods are in place? How comprehensive is your Single Central Record? Do any pupils fall through the safeguarding gap? How robust are your databases, Health and Safety measures, reporting to Governors, E-safety controls, methods for addressing Radicalisation, Prevent and use of Alternative Provision?

We offer a bespoke combination of a joint self-audit with an opportunity to have this process modelled over one or two s with an in-depth self-evaluation moderation carried out by one of our knowledgeable consultants.


Rhinoss offers the best way to raise your schools standard!

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QAP4 IMPACT by taking a L.E.A.P. with Rhinoss

Ensuring the quality and suitability of children and young people’s placements at all key stages in Alternative Provision (APs) through Local Evaluation Alternative Provision.

There is an obligation on local authorities as well as schools to regularly undertake Local Evaluation Alternative Provision (L.E.A.P )reviews. Pressures of time and having the right expertise to evaluate and asses the performance of Alternative Provision (AP) can be a tough challenge. In-depth reviews of APs are essential in the verification of their efficacy in the provision of the right kind of experience for young people; the provision of robust information on how well pupils are doing; ensuring secure safeguarding practice and foremost, simultaneously ensuring measurable outcomes of pupils and quality of learning.

Rhinoss has well over fifteen years’ wealth of understanding of all these key features.

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