New for 2018 : QAP4 IMPACT by taking a L.E.A.P. with Rhinoss


QAP4 IMPACT by taking a L.E.A.P. with Rhinoss

Ensuring the quality and suitability of children and young people’s placements at all key stages in Alternative Provision (APs) through Local Evaluation Alternative Provision.

There is an obligation on local authorities as well as schools to regularly undertake Local Evaluation Alternative Provision (L.E.A.P )reviews. Pressures of time and having the right expertise to evaluate and asses the performance of Alternative Provision (AP) can be a tough challenge. In-depth reviews of APs are essential in the verification of their efficacy in the provision of the right kind of experience for young people; the provision of robust information on how well pupils are doing; ensuring secure safeguarding practice and foremost, simultaneously ensuring measurable outcomes of pupils and quality of learning.

Rhinoss has well over fifteen years’ wealth of understanding of all these key features.

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