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Over the next few pages you will find a small sample of FREE materials that are designed to not only provide you with some fresh innovative ideas but also evaluation templates and materials to stimulate staff development.

For a much broader and more in-depth selection of what we can offer please contact us at or phone 07766 056 681 for an informal exploratory conversation to see if we can meet your requirements.

As and when new materials, articles, white papers etc become available they will be added to the members only section.

Download: Succession Planning Information Sheet QA (354 KB)
Download: Differentiation Signpost (233 KB)
Download: Leap Flyer 2018 (1157 KB)
Download: Organisational Approaches to Learning (97 KB)
Download: 123 Mocksted Part 2 Whole School Staff Session (265 KB)
Download: Climate For Learning Categories (698 KB)
Download: KEY Concepts CIF Main Presentation 01.01.018 (1667 KB)
Download: Traits and Team Members (789 KB)


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