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Are you guilty of less than ‘Good’ governance?

Rhinoss 7 Steps to becoming a ‘Good and Outstanding Governing Body'

Governance impacts upon OfSTED’s grading of your school through contribution to leadership and management. Will your governance gain Good to Outstanding results or will you be subject to external review?

With effect from January 2013 and in the revised School Inspection Handbook published May 2019;updated September 2019 , schools suffering as a result of weak or failing governance will be recommended to request an external review conducted by national governance and education leaders. RHINOSS consultants can help you reinforce your role, increase your effectiveness and avoid this scrutiny.

Get your governing body in shape with a RHINOSS workout! Our training sessions will assess your fitness for inspection, provide the motivation to achieve your governing goals and influence outcomes for your school.

Our one day introductory workout highlights the essential elements of good governance through 3 interactive sessions:

  1. Consider your context and evaluate your effectiveness
  2. Contemplate your commitment
  3. Assess your application and measure your impact

Finishing-up with ideas for action planning for your school, the final session of the day incorporates the 7 key stages that guide you to the quality of governance your school deserves including the key aspects of: Strategic profiles - Clarity of vision - Statutory duties - Challenges and accountability

In a series of one day or staged evening sessions RHINOSS can equip governors to prepare for audit and inspection by imparting the knowledge required to interpret school achievements and data, understand the differences between strategic and operational functions, undertake self-evaluation and be ready to confidently support their school through inspection by OfSTED and beyond.

One day introductory workshops can be delivered in school or off-site and can be reinforced with ongoing support to monitor progress and provide further governance guidance.

If your Governing Body would benefit from personal training sessions to get in shape with the specifics of your school in mind then complete the online enquiry form or call us to arrange a tailor made workout for your school. or for a free 15 minute consultation (Tel: 07766 056 681)

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