Coaching & mentoring Aspiring and Current Middle Leaders

At RHINOSS Consultancy we practise the G.R.O.W. (Goal,Reality,Opportunity and Wrap-it-up ) and S.T.R.I.C. ( Strategic, Tactical, Realistic, Capacity building ) models of coaching and school-leadership-mentoring, which is a contemporary and rapidly growing method for helping others to fulfil a range of needs supporting them to become better ‘reflective practitioners’, and be able to fully participate in making improvements, for example:

Understanding how change affects us and impacts on our life is crucial in finding ways to deal with it. Adjusting to new situations can be very daunting even for the most composed and strong in self-control. RHINOSS can help you or members of your organisation such as teachers, middle leaders and learning assistants become more effective in coping with challenging situations, whether in the personal life, career, school or social events. Understanding change management is an important set of behaviour skills, which can be acquired, practiced and honed.

Our approach to coaching ‘brings out’ rather than ‘puts in’. It develops rather than imposes. It allows for reflection rather than over-directing. Effective coaching is a form of change management in itself - it enables people to see what is possible as well as giving them a new set of coping skills. Our approach at RHINOSS is that coaching is reactive and flexible - it allows for personal transition on an individual basis. In our coaching methods we make no assumptions - it's not judgmental, nor is it prescriptive or instructional.

A key to our success in helping others is through developing empathy, and teaching listening and communication skills, which are all central ingredients to the coaching process. Good personal or team coaching seeks to help the other person's understanding of him or herself. The personal belief, judgments and preferences and needs of the coach are immaterial - good coaching is about helping people to understand themselves, where they want to be - and helping them to get there.

At Rhinoss we provide a programme, which is tailored to meet the needs of the individual, team or organisation. Potential elements include:

What makes outstanding teaching? – ‘Good and Beyond’ a one day interactive workshop

A one day interactive workshop led by Paul Burton

Good is the ‘new satisfactory’ in OfSTED’s eyes and no practitioner worth their salt wants to be judged as ‘requires improvement’. Even though as Ofsted state in the Schools inspection handbook September 'They will not look for preferred methodology on paragraph 155' .They will still expect Senior Leaders to undertake the Performance Management of teachers using and applying the 'Teacher's Standards' .Rhinoss is proud to present a nationally renowned trainer with a reputation for delivering fun, challenging and informative presentations to define the features of an outstanding lesson.

Paul Burton is a highly experienced OfSTED Primary and Secondary inspector. Paul’s extensive knowledge covering all aspects of education has been accumulated over more than twenty five years of working with schools both in the UK and overseas.

A previous Assessor of Advanced Skills Teachers, Paul provides effective INSET courses and develops unique materials for Lesson Observations. Using the theme of ‘flights and airports,’ Paul coaches teachers on consistent delivery of ‘good or outstanding lessons’ though the use of self-reflection materials. Paul has worked with schools on the use of Appreciative Enquiry Methods, Teaching Squares and Triptych Training.

In collaboration with Paul Burton, Rhinoss has developed a one -day interactive workshop covering essential elements including:

Teaching Lead Coaches TLCs

Improving classroom practice by ensuring consistently 'good or outstanding' teaching and learning is at the centre of every learning organisation and is the core activity. Ensuring effective teaching which is inspirational, innovative, challenging and enjoyable for both learners and teachers is at the heart of the TLCs Training Programme.

Teaching in the 21st century will demand a blend of existing pedagogical skills with new and emerging technologies. Even though as Ofsted state in the Schools inspection handbook September 'They will not look for preferred methodology paragraph 155 ' .They will still expect Senior Leaders to undertake the Performance Management of teachers using and applying the 'Teacher's Standards' The TLCs programme will start with an intensive weekend residential course which will provide a supportive and collaborative framework using the G.R.O.W. model for coaching ( Goal,Reality, Opportunity, Wrap-it-up). Those identified TLCs teachers can acquire, practice and develop their coaching skills, feedback on lesson observation and how to motivate staff. A more detailed explanation of this programme is included in the published on-line 2014 Rhinoss Consultancy Prospectus for Primary and Secondary School.

This originated as a joint venture between several other national partners and schools within East London. If you are interested in finding out how your establishment could develop your own in-house programme which will inspire and enthuse teachers in equal measure, please contact us and one of our consultants will be in touch to discuss your needs.