Workshops & Inset 2018

O.A.Ps - An answer to refreshing your Learning Support Assistants and Teaching Assistants:  A set of skills development tools: New for 2018

LSAs and TAs are an essential human resource for any school. Increasing demands on both their time and abilities ought to be recognised. Teachers and support staff in schools are juggling with a host of demands such as Assessment Wthout Levels, challenging behaviours of some young people and intensified focus on literacy and numeracy. Alongside an increasing specialisation in supporting classroom practices, all of these need addressing. By up-skilling this important additional workforce through an Outline Activities Programme (O.A.P), schools can ensure continuity of high quality provision. The Rhinoss team have the expertise, knowledge and skills to provide your LSA/TA teams with robust and professional high quality training. 

The following Outline Activities Programme (O.A.P) training is a tried and tested model utilised with staff in a variety of educational settings (Primary, Secondary, Special and PRU) with high quality results:

Outline Activities Programme (O.A.P)

  • Overview and starter activities - Your aspirations!
  • 10 steps to being outstanding
  • Expectations – School and other internal and external confirmation i.e. School reviews, and Ofsted   
  • Resourcing my ‘Tool Box’  - LSA & TA 
  • Folder assignment
  • Successful questioning 
  • Effective pupil support and behaviour management
  • Skills Audit and Gap Analysis
  • The changing learning needs of pupils

The above O.A.P. can be provided via a combination of activities which are delivered in a range of time slots such as whole day training sessions followed by a series of twilight sessions. Alternatively, some schools request a series of half-day sessions with self-development activities and follow-up tasks. 

If your organisation is interested please do contact the Rhinoss team and we can ask a representative to phone or meet with you to explore your requirements.

S.E.F. Help! 
How informative, coherent and accessible is your Self-Evaluation Framework?

At Rhinoss we have been helping schools prepare SEFs ever since the conception of the first school inspections back in the early 90’s. 
Constructing a succinct, robust, and objective SEF can be a daunting task. A really strong SEF requires the correct component parts and structure, whilst simultaneously demonstrating the extent to which your school is developing and addressing issues. 

Rhinoss can offer a Senior Leadership Team the following: 

  • A wealth of experience in knowing what and how to present the essential information in a straight forward and helpful way. This will ensure all the right ‘buttons or boxes’ are ticked in order to facilitate a thorough process and a positive outcome suitable for a variety of audiences
  • Clarity and objectivity, combined with a clear supportive ‘critique’ of what makes a strong, secure and informative SEF
  • Providing high quality examples of different formats of SEFs (including PowerPoint versions, SEF on a page, or other models of various lengths)
  • An explanation of how to structure the presentation, create a document, what needs to be included and ways to cross-reference your evidence 
  • Positive and informative personal feedback with suggested recommendations either through annotated versions of your SEF or by ‘track changing’ the document or by visually annotating and enhancing your presentation

If you are interested, then please make contact via We will respond to your enquiry to ascertain your specific requirements and then provide you with a quote, advising on timescale. 

Most importantly (and what we consider to be a reasonable non-negotiable necessity) is that Rhinoss undertake a one day on-site review which can help with substantiating and moderating judgements, evaluating data, as well as following a corroborative trail to confirm the findings that you wish to present.

Pimp Your Data!

Judgements and evidence about the progress of pupils during lesson observations are concerned with how effectively pupils are gaining or consolidating knowledge, skills or understanding – that is, how effectively they are learning.  

The review of your existing data streams and methods of marking and assessment is essential in order to ascertain in what condition the evidence upon which you base these judgements is in. How these are captured and presented is significantly important.

Classroom activities, in other words, are just the tip of the ‘learning iceberg’. As such, projected grades and expected standards for progress in lessons should reflect what lies beneath the surface.  Progress in lessons is evidence of the impact of teaching and learning. However, every opportunity to relate this progress to the trail of work done previously both in a formative and summative way is essential, particularly through Assessment Without Levels (AWOL).  

How confident are you in ensuring that the following are being addressed:

  • How secure and robust are your data tracking processes and systems?
  • How well is your school capturing and recording this evidence?
  • Is your pupil tracking data system transparent, easy to use and accessible to a range of different audiences?
  • Is your marking and assessment policy on one page, easy to understand and consistently adhered to by all staff? 
  • Do all pupils know what the marking criteria is and what their expected standard of progress should be? 

If the answer is ‘no’ to any of the above questions or you are unsure, then you need a Rhinoss ‘makeover’ and we have the personnel, expertise and skills to help ‘Pimp Your Data’. We can provide a rigorous overhaul by scrutinising and providing ways for you to enhance your pupil marking and assessment, improve data collection and improve presentation so the data then not only looks good but is fully functional.

If you are interested, then please make contact at we can contact you to clarify your requirements and then provide you with a quote and timescale. 

Policy on a Page – Top of the Policies (TOTP) 

Top of the Policies: PoPs

Rhinoss has worked with and still continues to support a variety of educational settings from those graded as outstanding to those causing concern. Each setting has given feedback that they have benefitted from the work we have done in helping them design and create their own PoPs (Policy on a Page). By working in this way schools are ensuring:

  1. Consistency of practice and ‘non-negotiable’ expectations of routines and procedures
  2. Immediate and tangible transparency and access by a range of audiences
  3. Visually stimulating resources which can be made into posters to be displayed in classrooms and around the schools
  4. Underperformance is supported and challenges are pre-empted given the appropriate PoP is in existence 

This Micro-script PoP condensed approach combines a unique way of presenting complex documents in an easy and accessible format so that it just does as it says ‘on the bottle’: one policy - one page! We achieve this by the following:

Upon requesting PoPs, Rhinoss can meet with the school to offer some exemplar PoPs or to outline a specification which is ‘bespoke’. Rhinoss can then design Pops for the school, which they can then modify or adopt and publish with the school’s own branding or logos. 

Working directly with school teams in demonstrating how to produce templates, diagrams and guidance materials along with providing a supportive range of visuals so that they can create their own PoPs. 

The school can request a list of pre-produced PoPs and purchase a copy from the existing directory. 

Please note Rhinoss PoPs are registered as intellectual copyright with the UK Copyright Service and can only be used within the purchasing intellectual organisation.

For a free exemplar PoP please email us at 

3Ps: Personalised PowerPoint Presentations (PPs): Imaginative, Inspiring and Innovative 

PowerPoint presentations (PPs) are still one of the most cost efficient and productive ways of putting across your ideas, concepts and information to an audience. However not all PPs are used effectively: they can be extremely boring or so conventional that the audience switches off with slide, after slide, after slide, after slide (yawn!) full of text.

Paul is one of our most creative innovators at producing PPs with slides that are amazingly stimulating, fun, engaging and of high quality. We are now offering this ‘bespoke’ service. 

Do you want a PowerPoint presentation that is:

  1. Unique, stimulating, fun, interesting and will engage the audience’s imagination?
  2. ‘Bespoke and tailored’ with creative embellishments made to your needs and to match the content which has a direct impact on the audience?
  3. Able to convey your ideas and concepts which can be easily understood and accessed with high quality presentation modelling exceptional practice?

If you want any of the above, then this service is for you.  

You can envisage the amount of time, effort and dedication that will go into producing a ‘bespoke’ presentation just for you.

If you would like to find out more, then please make contact at or send us the draft content of your presentation and we can contact you to clarify your requirements and then provide you with a quote and production timescale. 

Safe, Secure and Solid – Safeguarding ‘Learning Walks’

The Rhinoss team will provide experienced personnel to help and support the following: 

Intention..... Internal...... Impact...... of Safeguarding


  • We provide a range of self-audit tools to enable senior leaders to evaluate and check the 4P: Provision, Procedures, Practices and Processes.
  • Arrangements are made to undertake an on-site review via joint learning walk(s) with identified key staff with a focus on moderation and substantiation of judgements to ensure compliancy.
  • Consideration of any remedial actions and help in the production of an action plan if required and subsequent follow-up visit.


Outlined below are a few example aspects of what the Safeguarding Learning Walk will entail. It should be noted that a more detailed evidence base will be explored with individual settings as to the requirements for the confirmation of the impact of the 4Ps.

  • Review of school policies and procedures relating to Safeguarding, Prevent, Bullying and Promoting Well-being and Mental Health
  • Scrutiny of SCR
  • Interviews with Designated Safeguard Lead(s) and other key personnel
  • Learning walks – seeing safeguarding in action
  •  Evaluation and analysis of safeguarding databases, for example: referrals, behaviour, attendance and admissions
  • Interviews with pupils and groups of staff 
  • Safeguarding case studies


  • Moderation of and confirmation of the judgements of the school
  • Review and assessment of the school’s own self-evaluation
  • Note of visit with recommendations 
  • Model action plan  

If you are interested, then please make contact at we can explore with you your requirements and then provide you with a quote and timescale. 

Ofsted Revisited - CIF Preparation  ' Mocksteds -school health checks’ 2018

"Tales of the Unexpected" – Preparing to deal with sudden inspection issues.  No, not a title for a new book on school self-evaluation but a more practical, ‘hands on’ pre-inspection training and review undertaken by a team of highly experienced inspectors and consultants who can provide a pre-inspection MOT for your school.

This 4 Part Programme can be ‘tailor made’ your school’s specific needs:

Part 1 is delivered as an introductory INSET course providing an overview of Ofsted  Re-visited. Choose from a two hour condensed INSET overview or an in depth, one day programme for your whole school or a selected group of key staff.

Part 2 provides an interactive training opportunity using a schedule of joint lesson observations for Headteachers, Senior and Middle Leaders in your school. Joint lesson observations  will be undertaken and responses given on how  secure your judgments are when you give  feedback  and how  this is received by watching you give feedback to teachers that were observed. Your Senior Leadership Team then  can used  this valuable teaching and learning  information from the sessions with direct relevance to improving teaching and learning in your school.

Part 3 is negotiable and can also be modified to meet your school's particular need; for example a one day review and evaluation of key documentation, such as your Self-Evaluation Form (SEF),Safeguarding  and Child Protection process and procedures,  School Pupil Tracking data or your School Improvement Plan, Web-site review and other activities.

Part 4  Completion of draft  Note of Visit/Report to be sent to the Head Teacher